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"Roy is amazingly professional, tireless and stubborn. Despite the organization I formally worked for doing everything in their power to stall or try to get out of accepting responsibility for their actions, Roy managed to keep pushing until we reached a fair settlement. I appreciate Roy and everyone in his office who did their best to help me through a very difficult time in my life. Thank you!"

Deborah Auran / Sacramento, CA

"If I could give more stars, I would. When you need an attorney who cares about your case and who will stick with you to the bitter end, you call Roy Yang. Thank you, Mr. Yang for your knowledge, patience, and unwavering fight!"

Sacramento, CA

"Roy was very direct and handled my case very well. I received a very helpful settlement and am grateful for his work with my case. I just referred my sister to him today."

Ben Gluck / Sacramento, CA

"Currently Mr Yang is handling my works comp case I respect only my attorney Mr Yang of his best he can he does I been refered by another attorney office which been given good feedbacks about attorney Roy Yang as far his office assistants horrible of responding emails voucemaiks never answer calls and that's why I only deal with my attorney Roy Yang only directly since the assistance never care about clients needs!"

K G / Sacramento, CA

"Staff is great and very responsive"

Cristina Hartman / Sacramento, CA

"I met Roy because I got injured on the job in a truck accident. Mr. Yang is one of the most pleasant attorneys I’ve ever dealt with if you’ve ever used an attorney and feel you need a good workers comp attorney will not be dissatisfied with Mr. Yang. He will tell you a time frame he will never call you unless there’s news or Mercy has to speak to you about issues regarding your case! But he is very professional very likable very polite always address me as sir and addresses women is Madam ma’am as staff is wonderful his fees are very reasonable and this is not my first time ever having an attorney I highly recommend Mr. Yang for any of your Workers Comp related issues"

R Gregory / Sacramento, CA

"I am so happy to be represented by the Law Office of Roy Yang. It was really stressful going through a compensation lawsuit and I can honestly say that this law firm really made it easy for me. I feel less stressed overall and it's all thanks to this firm."

Alejandra Balderas / Sacramento, CA

"I spoke to Roy Yang who was recommended by a dear friend. My husband has a worker's compensation case and we needed advice as he is applying for a new job. Roy provided us with the help we needed. If I ever have the need for a work comp attorney Roy will be the first person I go. Thank you Roy!"

Ariana Corti / Sacramento, CA

"Roy really cared about my case and worked really hard to get the most money possible out of my case. Was a little difficult to get ahold of him and his assistants at times. So communication could be better. But, if you’re looking for a lawyer who will put his time and effort into your case it’s Roy!"

Mikayla Fort / Sacramento, CA

"Mr Yang and his entire team were very professional and well qualified to handle my case. A positive outcome with a fast response time. He was very attentive and caring. Thank You so much for your time and all of your hard work."

Evelyn Threat / Sacramento, CA

"I am so pleased with this law firm. He was attentive and actually cared. Very genuine. They get right back to you and walk you through process. Awesome group!!!"

Angela Salgado / Sacramento, CA

"If anyone is a skeptic its me! But this firm worked hard to Help me & when I told him to settle for less he fought harder for me. The staff is Professional & even thru Covid theyre very professional, Courteous, & Attentive to my case & situation. Thank You soooo Much For your time."

Alberto Curieo / Sacramento, CA

"On behalf of Dwayne Sweeney I am writing this review for Esq. Yang and his office. He provided prompt professional service willing to listen to your concerns and served diligently with a positive outcome I recommend him highly."

Nicole Aguirre / Sacramento, CA

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